28 June 2011

Kerana Cinta, Butir Kata Jadi Indah #4


If 10 Person In This world Miss You, I Am One Of Them. If 5 Person In This World Love You, One Of Them Is Me & If No One In This World Miss & Love You, Yhat Because I Not In Live In This World Anymore..IMYNLYDF

Be Mine, I’ll Always Hold You Close To Me, I’ll Be There For You And Always Care For You, I’ll Give The World And Make You Happy

Last Night I Looked At The Stars And Matched Each One With A Reason Why I Love You Till I Cannot Matched

Meeting You Was Fate, Becoming Your Friend Was Choice, But Falling Love With You Was Completely Out Of My Control, ILYF


1 comment:

  1. kata2 cinta indah..tapi kdg2 hanya kata2 tanpa perbuatan rasa kata2 tu x bermakna :)


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